At mucklathersoaps, we believe that soap should not only be a nourishing product for the skin, but it should also be nourishing for the mind and senses.

We have made two specific all-round collections where you should be able to find something conducive to your preferences. 

    • The Naturals Collection consists only of essential oils, premium oils and butters and botanical-based colourants.
    • The Fragrance Oil Collection consists of synthetic fragrances, premium oils and butters and micas to give that sparkly pop for colours.

All base oils, natural colourants, clays and micas are purchased from reputable manufacturers or sourced as local to our business as possible. We also like to harvest our own materials and dry them for colours, which makes us feel more connected to the environment and the processes by which we implement these into our soaps for everyone’s enjoyment.

My name is Rachael and along with my husband Noel, we’ve been learning about and cultivating a small, home-based business based on the principles of producing a product that is long lasting, fragrant, has the best quality base ingredients incorporated into our recipes and are visually stunning to the eye – which in turn, opens the mind up to new aromas and feelings.

Our formulas tend towards having a luxurious, rich creamy lather with bubbles, a lovely slip on the skin, fragrant and gives the user the knowledge that the product they are using is not only beneficial for the skin and senses, but also the environment.

I have done many crafts throughout my life from knitting jumpers furiously, crochet, tapestries and sewing. Since moving to Ballarat, I found myself wanting to try something new so I tried a batch of soap after watching youtube for inspiration. What a debacle that first batch was, but the one thing that I found which is true and certain for every soap maker is that preparation is key. Preparation, preparation and preparation because if you don’t, the process of soap making can turn nasty quickly. I especially found this out once when I put the lye solution into the batter and straight away added the essential oils and gave it a good mix. Realizing that I hadn’t mixed my colourants, I did this too leisurely and when going back to the batter, it had set up and there was nothing I could do but put it into the crockpot and cook it out that way. Sure I was able to save it, but it wasn’t the desired result I wanted.

We have all made these mistakes along the way but it’s how you use the knowledge from these failures that makes your whole strategy better, time management gets to be second nature and before you know it, you adore doing this thing that we’ve turned into our little business.

We invite you to have a browse of our products that we’re extremely proud of and maybe, you might find something that is appealing to all your senses.